This utility imports TV Show "Metadata" from database and converts it to a format usable by the WDTV Live Hub or the WDTV Live Streaming Media Player.

It pulls the episode Thumbnails for you, too!

Please help keep this open database going!  If you find errors or omissions, sign up for an account and fix them! An Open Database is only useful if its users, like you, help keep it going.

Note: In firmware versions 1.12.14 for the SMP and 3.08.14 for the Hub, backdrops are not processed in the same way. All backdrop definitions created in the XML files by the XML Fetcher are ignored by the WDTV.

This is not a bug in the XML Fetcher tool.

Regardless of which options are configured in the XML Fetcher, the WDTV will download its own defined set of backdrops from the TVDB webset automatically, and will ignore all XML references in the metadata.

Neither earlier nor later firmware versions have this issue.