Yeah, you can call me a band geek.

I started playing music when I was seven or eight years old, beginning with piano lessons for three years.

Something must have stuck, because music has stayed with me.

I began playing saxophone starting in the seventh grade, and only put it down when I was in college. So, I guess that means I've played for somewhere around 25 years. In that time, I've played them all; from Sopranino to Baritone.

I'm drawn mostly to Jazz and Blues, particularly slow, mellow ballads with a drummer and a bass, but I also actively play with my church's praise band, and have played in some classical orchestra settings.

I am amazed at what technology has brought to the wind instrument performer in the way of digital instruments. You'll note that most of the compositions on this site are performed using a Yamaha WX5 and multiple tone generators. They have become remarkably expressive. I thoroughly enjoy exploring what digital synthesis can do.

You can hear my music on MYSPACE.